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What you can do about child abuse

Oregon Department of Human Services – 2012

A guide to child abuse reporting for individuals in those professions designated as mandatory reporters of child abuse. Answers frequently asked questions about how to make a report, including situations when maltreatment is suspected. Describes the importance of reporting and lists reasons why people might not report abuse. Explains the CPS process, including screening and assessment, case plans, and removal from the home. Presents data on the frequency of child abuse and neglect, noting the prevalence of parental substance abuse as a contributing factor. Details the different types of physical abuse and sexual abuse a child or youth may experience. Explains what constitutes child neglect, including exposing a child to illegal drug activity and parental substance abuse, and encouraging a child to engage in illegal drug activity and drug or alcohol use. Defines the terms “drug exposed” and “drug affected” in relation to substance use during pregnancy, as well as the impact of substance abuse on children in general. Includes descriptions of abandonment, mental injury, and threat of harm (such as domestic violence). Document contains full text of the Oregon child abuse reporting law, including sections on exposure to controlled substances and methamphetamine manufacture.