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The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children works with nonprofits, organizations, companies, government agencies, tribes, and community leaders to address the challenges of DEC cases and the needs of drug endangered children. 

Their ideas, support, and strengths help make a difference in the lives of children who are living in dangerous drug environments.

Lambi Learns About Addiction

Why write a book about addiction? What is mentionable is manageable ~ Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers taught us that it is ok to talk about difficult subjects. Even with very young children. Author Trish Luna hopes this book can help you help the child in your life that needs language, validation, and coping skills to deal with the fallout from the substance abuse of a loved one. Listen to the Story

Operation Underground Railroad

Our mission is rescuing children from slavery and delivering them to safe havens that offer freedom and rehabilitation.  Operation Underground Railroad uses technology and human intelligence to send its rescue teams to areas of the world to help local law enforcement liberate enslaved children and dismantle criminal networks.  Our vision is to eradicate human slavery and human trafficking.

Academy of Forensic Nursing

To link research to practice through the dissemination of scholarship, education, and service to those affected by and responding to trauma.

ACT Missouri

Mission To serve as the statewide prevention catalyst, empowering individuals and fostering partnerships to promote safe, healthy, and drug-free communities.

Mid-America Prevention Technology Transfer Center

Mission To serve as a prevention catalyst, empowering individuals and fostering partnerships to promote safe, healthy, and drug-free communities across Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.


For most people, leaving home, Work or Family to receive help isn’t an option. Aspire365 delivers a team of specialist to your home to help you overcome substance misuse and achieve long-term sobriety, while maintaining control of personal, family, and financial responsibilities. Our goal isn’t to simply stop substance use but to help our patients develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that supports sobriety. The Aspire model gives individuals a minimum of 365 days to achieve sobriety, improve relationships, and create personal, social and financial stability all while receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home. With the 5 – 1 model, each client works with a team of 5 industry specialists through their own personalized evidence-based treatment plan including family support, activity replacement and nutrition. Family involvement in the treatment process is not only valuable… it’s necessary. To strengthen the family system, a therapist is provided to deliver support, coaching, and guidance directly to the family. This helps those closest to the client effectively engage in the recovery process.

Operating 2 Save Lives & QRT National

Mission O2SL and QRT National provide a collaborative solution to addressing behavioral health issues through shared, community responses. O2SL and QRT National were built upon the advocacy of Public Safety executives Scott Allen, Michael Botieri, and Daniel Meloy, who gained national recognition because of their innovation in creating public safety and public health national mentor site programs that address the opioid, polysubstance use, and mental health disorder crises. Their advocacy to help vulnerable populations is based on collaborative partnerships between law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies, public and behavioral health, and community organizations all working together to connect vulnerable populations, their family members, and loved ones to treatment, recovery, and support services. ”We are excited to partner with the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children, as they share our foundational principle of working collaboratively to help communities’ most vulnerable persons. We have learned through our shared community health response initiatives that we must take holistic approaches to work with community’s priority needs, while always being vigilant to support and address the needs of the children who witness and/or are endangered by these issues”, Scott Allen, Chief Operating Officer overseeing Operating 2 Save Lives & QRT National.

Visible Digital Solutions – eVAC and Peer Support Cards 

We design, host, publish and manage custom-designed digital victim rights and resources cards/brochures for law enforcement and district attorney offices’ victim assistance/support programs. According to the Victim Rights Act, victims have the right to be heard, informed and present. The eVAC makes it easy for officers/deputies/victim advocates to share VRA information and other resources with victims of crime, thus fulfilling the “informed” requirement. eVACs sit on the home screen of smartphones so they are easy to share and access 365/24/7. Cards can be share via QR code, email or text. 

Additionally, we offer similar digital cards for Peer Support teams within law enforcement and public safety agencies. 

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