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Marijuana legalization: The issues

Gorman, T. J. – 2012

Discusses the issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana, presented in question and answer format. Notes that children are victimized by parent/caregiver drug use in a variety of ways. Describes how legalization of “medical” marijuana increases drug use in communities. Outlines the history of the marijuana legalization movement in other countries, noting that it has often been a failure. Discusses the physical health risks of marijuana use, including those related to prenatal exposure. Also notes the psychological and mental health effects of marijuana use. Presents statistics on the dangers of impaired driving, and refutes studies that suggest marijuana use has no impact on traffic safety. Describes the negative impact of marijuana use among young people. Discusses the similarities and differences of marijuana and alcohol use, noting marijuana’s status as a controlled substance under federal law. Presents statistics on drug use in the U.S., noting that marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug. Cites data illustrating the correlation between drug use and crime. Debunks myths used by pro-legalization advocates and presents reasons why marijuana should not be legalized.