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Family drug court participant handbook

First Judicial Circuit, Honolulu, Hawaii

A guide for parents who are in a family drug court program, including those who are in a monitored substance abuse treatment program, with the goal of family reunification upon completion. Describes the benefits of family drug court and lists admission criteria. Also outlines family drug court rules. Discusses the four levels of family drug court participation: choice, challenge, change, maintain. The first level is commitment to a drug-free life and entering treatment, the second involves making progress in treatment and understanding addiction and its impact, the third involves re-establishing healthy family and community relationships, and the fourth is maintaining long-term abstinence and continuing to build healthy relationships. Answers frequently asked questions about the drug court process and permanency hearings. Describes the reward system for various drug court achievements. Possible rewards include increased visitation with the child. Also describes different types of drug court infractions and possible associated sanctions. Discusses parenting responsibilities, including visitation, for drug court participants. Also discusses drug court failure and termination of parental rights. Summarizes requirements for successful drug court completion and graduation.