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Current status of the methamphetamine epidemic

Carnevale Associates – 2011

A policy brief on current methamphetamine trends in the U.S. Cites data indicating that meth use (particularly among first time users) and production is on the increase after several years of decline. Notes that meth remains most prevalent in the west, midwest, and south, as well as in rural areas. Describes increased meth seizures along the southwest border, indicating Mexican involvement. Also notes increasing numbers of clandestine labs, especially in the south and midwest. Notes that 40 states have laws restricting the sale of precursors to some degree. Describes how meth manufacturers have resorted to precursor smurfing and alternative small toxic lab production methods. Production has significantly decreased in states where precursors are prescription-only. Advocates for youth-targeted prevention programs, treatment services appropriate for meth addiction, and law enforcement efforts that address the newer small lab production methods.