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Understand the big deal: How marijuana harms youth

Thurstone, C. – 2011

This presentation discusses the problem of adolescent marijuana use. Presents statistics on the growth of marijuana use among teens, and notes that marijuana accounts for 67% of youth substance abuse treatment admissions. Describes how marijuana negatively impacts the adolescent brain. Explains how mental functioning is impaired by marijuana intoxication. Describes physical changes in brain structure caused by marijuana use in adolescence. Notes that changing attitudes and perceptions about marijuana have contributed to increased usage by teenagers. Also notes that marijuana is easy to obtain, and that the age of first-time users is falling. Describes how medical marijuana is being diverted to teens, including those with substance abuse problems. Summarizes mental health and behavioral consequences of adolescent marijuana use. Explains how marijuana use undermines educational performance. Includes prevention tips for elementary, middle, and high school age students.