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Therapeutic services for children whose parents receive substance use disorder (SUD) treatment

Mandell, K. and Carmona, J. – 2011

An examination of state services provided to children with parents in substance abuse treatment. Presents background information and data on the issue of children living with parental drug and alcohol use (including prenatal exposure). Outlines the federal funding sources of services for children with parents in treatment programs. Authors conducted a survey examining which states offered high quality services for children with parents in treatment. Presents overall findings for each state in tabular format. Case studies were conducted on nine selected states. Presents information on case study states, including: how therapeutic services are defined and who provides the services; what prevention, early intervention, and therapeutic services are provided; screening and assessment requirements; how cases are managed and how partner agencies collaborate; how therapeutic services are funded; training and technical assistance requirements; tracking and monitoring; and other services, initiatives, and collaborations. Notes barriers to services and emphasizes importance of multi-agency coordination.