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The National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking 2021

Homeland Security Digital Library – 2021

This report presents the Biden Administration’s action plan for combatting human trafficking that updates the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. It begins by defining human trafficking and reviewing characteristics of human trafficking. It notes that in 2020, 11,193 situations of human trafficking were identified through the United States National Human Trafficking Hotline, and that globally, an estimated 24.9 million people are subjected to human trafficking which generates an estimated $150 billion annually in illicit profits. Guiding principles underpinning the presented action plan are reviewed, as well as strategic objectives. The action plan then discusses strategies built around the three pillars laid out in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA): prevention, protection, and prosecution. Specific action items are described for each pillar. The action plan closes with strategies under a fourth pillar that focuses on crosscutting approaches and institutional effectiveness.