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The DEA position on marijuana

Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Justice – 2011

This document outlines the DEA’s position on marijuana, reaffirming the organization’s support of its classification as a controlled substance, and questioning the use of smoked marijuana for medicinal purposes. Presents evidence showing that the concept of “medical” marijuana is used by legalization advocates to further their agenda. Cites cases illustrating the problems dispensaries and grow operations create in communities that have approved medical marijuana. Outlines the dangers of marijuana, particularly to children and youth. Cites studies showing that marijuana use contributes to mental health problems among adolescents. Also summarizes research on the negative effects of prenatal exposure to marijuana. Notes negative health consequences (such as cancer) of smoked marijuana. Summarizes dangers to non-users, such as juvenile crime and drugged driving. Report also summarizes several cases in which children were endangered by parental marijuana use. Includes information on marijuana policies in other countries. Also warns that perceptions of risk associated with marijuana use are decreasing among youth.