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The Challenge of Protecting Children During the Opioid Epidemic: Summit County Children Services 2016 Annual Report [Ohio]

Summit County Children Services – 2017

This annual report discusses the activities and accomplishments of the Ohio Summit County Children Services (SCCS) for 2016. The report focuses on the challenge of protecting children during the opioid epidemic and discusses the substance abuse problem among families served by SCCS. It notes nearly 70% of all families served by SCCS are challenged by substance abuse and addiction; half of the children who entered foster care in 2016 came from families where at least one parent struggled with substance abuse, with one in four of these children coming from homes where an opiate was the primary substance; in the last two years, SCCS saw a 34% increase in the number of calls of abuse/neglect received by the agency; and since 2014, the number of cases open for ongoing services increased by 20%, and the number of children in custody increased by 17%. The response of the SCCS is described and includes: partnering with the Summit County Family Reunification through Recovery Court to assist parents with their recovery in order to create a healthy home environment that allows the family to permanently reunify; the Summit County Collaborative on Trauma, Alcohol and Other Drug and Resiliency Building Services for Children and Families; collaboration with Summit County Public Health; and the sponsoring of the Annual Recovery Walk. The importance of Recovery Coaches is explained. The report closes with financial information for 2016, and a review of the mission, vision, and values of SCCS.

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