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Targeting children of substance-using parents with the community-based group intervention TRAMPOLINE: A randomised controlled trial: Design, evaluation, recruitment issues

Broning, S., Wiedow, A., Wartberg, L., et al. – 2012

This article discusses the development and trial of a new German community-based intervention program for children aged 8-12 who have at least one substance-abusing parent. Presents background on the negative impact of parental substance abuse on children. Summarizes German intervention and treatment strategies for substance-affected families. Authors describe how they will conduct a trial to assess the effectiveness of their new intervention program called TRAMPOLINE, a multi-session group program for children and parents in substance-affected families. Discusses the key elements of the program, which is designed to strengthen children’s resilience, coping skills, and sense of self worth, reduce their stress, and teach them about substance use disorders. Describes how the intervention program was created, and the method and design of the trial, including ethical considerations and measures of child and parent outcomes. Discusses recruitment issues and notes that this would be the first intervention program in Germany to specifically address the needs of children of substance-abusing parents.