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Substance Abuse Connect 2020-2023 Action Plan [Montana]. February 15, 2020


This report presents a plan for substantially reducing drug related crime and addiction to methamphetamine through effective prevention, treatment, and diversion in Yellowstone County, Montana. It begins by describing the development of a coalition, inclusive of prevention, treatment, and law enforcement services, and accomplishments to date. Accomplishments include: the development of an Executive Committee with key leaders from law enforcement, courts, education, hospitals, public health, behavioral health, non- profits, crisis services, local government; the inclusion of 216 General members from over ninety organizations for the coalition; the securing of consultants; the completion of the community assessment and the sequential intercept mapping; the completion of the 2020-2023 plan; and the securing of $1,208,741 in grants. The report traces the meth tsunami and the impact on crime, recidivism, child neglect, and treatment services. A plan overview is presented that focuses on four priorities, including system capacity, diversion and treatment, prevention, and increasing protective factors and decreasing risk factors. Goals, strategies, and activities are described to address each of the priorities. A summary of expected results lists measurable outcomes for March 2020, June 2020, and December 2020. A detailed action plan for each priority is then provided.