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Selective prevention programs for children from substance-affected families: A comprehensive systematic review

Broning, S., Kumpfer, K., Kruse, K., et al. – 2012

A review of family, school, and community-based prevention and intervention programs that target children of substance-abusing parents. Presents background on the problem of children’s exposure to parental substance abuse. Discusses methodology of the authors’ study of several programs that meet their selection criteria. Programs fall into the categories of school-based, community-based, and family-based interventions. Authors summarize the focus of each program, program format, and how participants are recruited. They also summarize research on each program and analyze each program’s effectiveness and outcomes. Child/youth outcomes measured include reduction in their own substance use, and improvements in coping strategies, social behavior, self-worth, and knowledge of substance use disorders. Authors discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various programs, but note that further research into programs for children from substance-affected families is needed.