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Results-based public policy strategies for promoting children’s social, emotional and behavioral health

Center for the Study of Social Policy – 2012

Discusses the need for state policymakers to address children’s mental, social, emotional, and behavioral health. Factors that contribute to mental health issues among children include poverty, trauma, and inadequate treatment. Notes importance of healthy child development and supportive families. Explains how state policymakers can use data to analyze trends, make projections, and set targets. Outlines strategies to promote children’s social, emotional, and behavioral health. These include: promote early childhood social and emotional development; prevent social, emotional and behavioral health disorders (this includes addressing family mental health concerns, such as substance abuse, and prenatal screenings); connect the specialized needs of children with appropriate services (including children who have experienced child abuse, substance abuse, and domestic violence). Discusses key elements of successful policy implementation, accountability, and financing.