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Research Resources (Child Sex Trafficking) [Texas]

Office of the Texas Governor, Child Sex Trafficking Team – 2020

This report offers a curated list of relevant research articles on child sex trafficking and their links, complete with summaries by Texas Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT), from 2014 through 2020. The articles are primarily from peer-reviewed journals and are organized by CSTT’s five overarching goals: protect children by building their awareness of and resilience to child exploitation and by curbing demand for child sex trafficking (13 resources); recognize child sexual exploitation in all its forms by raising public awareness and implementing screening tools for victims (20 resources); recover victims with protective and empowering – not punitive – collaborative and coordinated responses spanning multiple systems (8 resources); support healing survivors through trauma-informed and responsive services and supports they need to heal and thrive (10 resources); and bring justice for survivors by holding traffickers, buyers, and those who profit from trafficking accountable (10 resources). An additional resource is listed that provides a narrative review of the commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of children and adolescents.