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Position statement: Substance abuse/dependence

Becker, E. and Von Stultz, J. – 2011

Presents a series of specific recommendations on how to prevent child maltreatment and child deaths due to parental substance abuse. Provides statistics on the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use, including those pertaining to alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents, prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol, abuse and neglect-related child deaths, and child welfare-involved families with substance abuse issues. Recommendations for community leaders include the coordination of prevention, treatment, and intervention services, and the development of local DEC teams. Educators are advised to identify and refer high-risk youth. Recommends that the medical community implement screening, intervention, and referral programs. Describes what families can do to deal with substance abuse problems. Notes that society as a whole can advocate for improved substance abuse data collection and funding. Includes a list of resources for further information.