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NSCAW II Wave 2 report: Caregiver health and services

Dolan, M. Casanueva, C., Smith, K., et al. – 2012

A summary of health, well-being, and services among caregivers who participated in a follow-up to the second National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being. Over 50% of the caregivers reported living below the poverty level. Caregivers in the study were more likely to experience depression than caregivers in the general population. 8% of in-home caregivers consumed alcohol at a hazardous or harmful level. 15% of in-home caregivers had some risk for drug abuse problems; 3% were at high risk. A significant percentage of in-home parents reported being victims of intimate partner violence, with parents in the study experiencing higher rates of domestic violence than the general population. Report also presents data on parental involvement with the law and insurance status. Information on services received by in-home parents includes services for basic living needs, services required by child welfare or the courts (including substance abuse treatment), and federal and state-supported services. A significant number received parenting skills training. Less than 2% of in-home parents received alcohol or drug abuse treatment services, however, over 25% were determined to be in need of treatment. Parents were more likely to receive needed mental health treatment services. Report includes detailed data tables and further information on caregiver assessment instruments.