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NSCAW Child Well-Being Spotlight: Children placed outside the home and children who remain in-home after a maltreatment investigation have similar and extensive service needs

Dolan, M., Casanueva, C., Smith, K., and Ringeisen, H. – 2012

Data from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW) on the service needs of children who have been the subject of a child abuse or neglect investigation. Reports that both children removed from the home for safety reasons and children remaining in the home (with and without family support services) have significant service needs. Both groups of children are at similarly high risk for developmental, cognitive, behavioral/emotional, and substance abuse problems. One difference noted is that children aged 0-5 who are placed out of home are more likely to have developmental problems than those remaining in the home. Notes need for well-being screenings and referrals for support services for children involved with the child welfare system.