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Northwest tribal substance abuse action plan: A five-year strategic plan for the tribes of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington: 2011-2015

Portland Area Indian Health Service & the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board – 2015

A plan to reduce the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among American Indians and Alaska Natives living in the Pacific Northwest. Includes plan mission statement and contributing members, and describes the planning process used to develop the plan. Presents data on substance abuse epidemiology among Native American adults and youth in the Pacific Northwest. Outlines use trends for illicit drugs, particularly methamphetamine. Lists causal factors for substance abuse in the Native population. Discusses capacity of the Northwest tribes to deal with the problem in the areas of access/availability of substances, community climate, prevention, treatment/recovery, and criminal justice. Summarizes community strengths and weaknesses. Explains the primary goals of the action plan, which focus on: culturally appropriate prevention, screening, and treatment; increasing public awareness among the Native population; improving tribal substance abuse policies; improving intertribal and interagency collaboration; and increasing knowledge among tribal (and other) stakeholders about the issue.