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Nationwide trends

NIDA Drug Facts – 2012

An overview of national drug trends based on data from the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Reports an increase in illicit drug use and prescription drug misuse, with significant increases in marijuana use largely responsible for the overall higher numbers. Cocaine and methamphetamine use has dropped. Drug use rates are highest among youth, with most initiating drug use with marijuana, followed by prescription drugs and inhalants. Notes that underage drinking and DWI rates have declined, but binge and heavy drinking remains a problem, particularly among males. Tobacco use (including among youth) is also declining. 7% of the population reports some form of substance abuse problem. After alcohol, marijuana has the highest rate of dependence, followed by prescription pain relievers. Report notes large discrepancy in number of people who need treatment versus number of people who have received treatment.