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Moore, P.W. and Donovan, J.W. – 2012

A fact sheet answering frequently asked questions about methamphetamine. Describes what methamphetamine is, lists common street names, describes how it is used, and lists signs of intoxication. Describes how meth is made and explains the dangers associated with meth production. Lists health risks of direct contact with or inhalation of chemicals used in meth manufacture, hazardous waste products, and other dangers such as booby traps, firearms, and drug paraphernalia. Notes dangers to children and first responders who come into contact with labs and disposal sites. Summarizes the adverse effects of meth use on bones and teeth, brain and nerves, gastrointestinal tract, heart, lungs, kidneys, muscles, skin, and urinary/reproductive systems. Describes the dangers associated with meth use during pregnancy. Notes permanent brain damage associated with prolonged meth use, and discusses precursor control laws.