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Iowa drug endangered children (DEC) response guidelines for law enforcement officials

Iowa Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy; Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement

A DEC response protocol for law enforcement personnel. Explains the concept of drug endangered children and what constitutes a DEC case. Outlines procedures in cases where a child is exposed to the use or trafficking of illicit drugs, and when the child has access to drugs or drug residue. Includes advice on child interviews and collecting evidence on child endangerment due to drug activity. Also outlines steps to take when a child is found at an operational meth lab. Notes importance of addressing any immediate medical needs of the child, and provides tips on child interviews and investigating and documenting evidence found at the scene. Describes decontamination procedures for children found at meth labs, broken down by severity of the situation (injury such as burns, significant chemical exposure, and no obvious sign of chemical contamination).