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Intervention Evidence Standards for the Family First Prevention and Services Act: With Updates from the June 22 Federal Request for Public Comment

Casey Family Programs – 2018

This brief explains passage of a new federal law, the Family First Prevention and Services Act (FFPSA), affords opportunities to use research-based interventions to help children safely avoid placement in foster care by meeting their key service and treatment needs. Four major categories of services are eligible for reimbursement under the new law: mental health services for children and parents, substance abuse prevention and treatment services for children and parents, in-home parent skill-based programs, and kinship navigator programs. It notes FFPSA provides federal funds for up to12 months of services to prevent children from entering or re-entering foster care. Information is then provided on populations that are eligible for services and on requirements for funded programs to be evidence based. A chart compares FFPSA evidence-based requirements with requirements of the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for well-supported, supported, and promising programs.