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Evaluation of the Family Wellness Court for Infants and Toddlers

Golan, S., Rouspil, K., Huang, T., and Williamson, C. – 2011

An evaluation of the Santa Clara County, California Family Wellness Court for Infants and Toddlers, a program designed to provide services for pregnant women and parents of children ages 0-3 who are at risk of losing custody because of addiction to methamphetamine or other drugs and documented child maltreatment. Presents an overview of the FWC program and parameters of the study. Provides data on the program participants. Reports that methamphetamine was the drug of choice for over 80% of the FWC parents. Nearly 30% of the children were born substance-exposed. Presents data on parents’ level of participation in FWC components (hearings, assessment, treatment, mentoring) and other services (domestic violence, mental health, etc.). Lists positive outcomes for closed cases, for both the adults and the children. Includes data on parent participation in residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Summarizes child outcomes, including receipt of developmental screenings and foster care/custody data.