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Drugs of abuse: A DEA resource guide

Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Justice – 2011

A comprehensive resource guide on the most common drugs of abuse. Provides background information on the U.S. Controlled Substances Act (CSA), including factors that determine how substances are placed into particular schedules. Includes information on the regulation of the CSA, such as how certain controlled substances are dispensed to patients, and penalties for unlawful manufacturing and distribution. Contains a detailed list of the drugs in each of the five schedules. Summaries the DEA’s approach to methamphetamine precursor chemical control. Contains chapters on the classes of drugs regulated by the Controlled Substances Act: narcotics (heroin and other opiates), stimulants (such as cocaine and methamphetamine), depressants, hallucinogens (including synthetic marijuana), marijuana/cannabis, steroids, and inhalants (not in the CSA but noted for abuse by youth). Includes a section on drugs of concern, which includes bath salts, DXM (over-the-counter cough suppressant), and the herb salvia divinorum. Each drug section contains photographs of the drugs and information such as street names, how they are abused, effects on the mind and body, and current legal status. Also includes a list of drug prevention resources.