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Drug endangered children (DEC) multidisciplinary/integrated guidelines

Arizona Alliance for Drug Endangered Children – 2012

Draft version of an integrated, multidisciplinary DEC protocol. Describes the purpose of the protocol and presents background on the problem, including a definition of drug endangered children and facts on the risks faced by children exposed to caregiver substance abuse and illicit drug activity. Presents the mission and guiding values of the Arizona DEC Alliance and outlines the responsibilities of the various partner agencies. Provides training suggestions for clandestine lab safety and DEC investigation and casework. Presents an overview of the DEC protocol, including definitions of level I and level II responses. Outlines initial agency actions for CPS and law enforcement. Also includes guidelines for safeguarding children, contaminated sites, and prosecution. Contains the DEC protocol for level I investigations (drug lab environment), outlining on-site and follow-up response procedures for law enforcement, CPS, and medical personnel. Also contains the protocol for level II investigations (sale, use or possession of controlled substances), including procedures for initial law enforcement assessment, criminal investigation, assembly of criminal case materials, and advance CPS notification.