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Child exposure to trauma: Comparative effectiveness of interventions addressing maltreatment

Goldman Fraser, J., Lloyd, S.W., Murphy, R.A., et al. – 2013

An assessment of interventions for children aged 0-14 who have been exposed to maltreatment. Presents background information and statistics on the negative consequences associated with child abuse and neglect. Summarizes intervention strategies, including parenting interventions, trauma-focused treatments, and enhanced foster care interventions. Authors analyzed a large number of intervention programs in each category. The programs were evaluated using several key questions that addressed such factors as improvement in child well-being outcomes, improvement in child welfare outcomes, improvement in outcomes by child and caregiver subgroups, engagement of children and/or caregivers in treatment, and adverse events associated with interventions. Report summarizes key findings of the study. Appendices contain further information on resources consulted for the study, as well as tables that summarize the details of each intervention strategy studied.