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Child abuse and neglect deaths in Florida

Florida Statewide Child Abuse Death Review Committee – 2012

A summary of data on child abuse and neglect fatalities in the state of Florida for the year 2011. Presents an overview of the statistics and how the death review committee classifies child deaths. Provides key recommendations for lawmakers and health care and prevention professionals. Notes the importance of public education and awareness campaigns, expanding the Healthy Families and Healthy Start programs for high-risk families with young children, and domestic violence prevention efforts. Reports that neglect is the most common cause of child deaths. Child neglect deaths include drug toxicity deaths, as well as unsafe sleep deaths. In many cases where young children suffocate while sleeping with parents, the parent has been found to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Out of 30 unsafe sleep related deaths, 21 cases involved one or more adults with a history of substance abuse. Also reports on deaths due to physical abuse.